Areso Custom Built Putters

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Custom build your own Premium Putter!

Accumulated with over 20 years of golf manufacturing experience along with German Sport Science, Areso Golf have integrated the best of both world that can satisfy even the elite golfers. All of Areso Golf’s putters are forged and 100% milled to accuracy, and can be adjusted according to individual needs of golfer.

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Science of Putting is the relation between physics and the golfer. From the putting stroke kinematics, the interaction to the putter design, personal preference, and playing conditions.

Based from researches and studies, identifying various data from alignment, impact position, path, face rotation & its relation to path, rise angle, position of club at impact, tempo, impact ratio, and overall consistency of putting strokes.

We are able to find the ARE SO FIT for every golfer, no matter the skill level.

The center of gravity (CG) is the perfect balance point on the putterhead. The CG can then be projected perpendicular to the putterface, helping define the location of the sweet spot. The CG also affects the golf ball launch conditions at impact. Blade-style putters have a CG closer to the face and mallet putters have a deeper CG. A deeper and lower CG creates forward roll and helps improve distance control and accuracy.

Additional information

Head Model

C10, C15, C20, C21, C22, C30, C50W, C57, C80, E13, E17, E21, E30M, E30S, E36, E71

Loft (degrees)

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Lie Angle (degrees)

68, 69, 70, 71, 72

Shaft Length (inches)

30, 31, 32, 33, 33.5, 34, 34.5, 35, 35.5, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45

Shaft Colour

Black, Blue, Chrome, Powder Coat Colour of Choice


Areso Mid-size, Areso Over-size, Areso Long 16", SuperStroke Flatso 1.0, SuperStroke Flatso 2.0, SuperStroke Flatso 3.0, SuperStroke Pistol GTR Tour, SuperStroke Pistol GTR 1.0, SuperStroke Pistol GTR 2.0, SuperStroke Ultra Slim 1.0, SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0, SuperStroke Slim 3.0, SuperStroke Fatso 5.0, SuperStroke CounterCore Pistol GT Tour, SuperStroke CounterCore Pistol GT 1.0, SuperStroke CounterCore Pistol GT 2.0, SuperStroke CounterCore Flatso 1.0, SuperStroke CounterCore Flatso 2.0, SuperStroke CounterCore Flatso 3.0, SuperStroke CounterCore Mid Slim 2.0, SuperStroke CounterCore Slim 3.0, SuperStroke CounterCore Fatso 5.0, Kotahi Midsize, Kotahi Oversize, Flat Cat Slim, Flat Cat Svelte, Flat Cat Standard, Flat Cat Fat, Flat Cat Big Boy, Golf Pride All Models (model in notes), Lamkin All Models (model in notes), Grip Master Leather Signature Tour, Grip Master Leather Signature Mid Size, Grip Master Leather Signature Paddle, Grip Master Leather Master Mid Size Paddle, Grip Master Leather Signature Neon, Grip Master Leather Signature 2.0 Reduced Taper, Winn All Models (model in notes)


Standard, Counter


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