Capto 2.0 Precision Putting Technology

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We are proud and excited to announce the release of the 2nd generation of Capto putting technology. A new level of putting experience! Capto turns guessing into knowing, imagination into certainty and feelings into numbers.

The Capto sensor is a revolutionary new training and fitting system that gives golfers immediate and accurate data on their putting in real time and in real outdoor conditions.

Capto is ideal for:
    ✔︎ Indoor and outdoor coaching
    ✔︎ Putter fitting
    ✔︎ Real playing condition data collection

The package includes:
    ✔︎ Capto Box
    ✔︎USB Cable
    ✔︎ Capto sensor
    ✔︎ Capto Application (compatible with Windows, iOS, MacOSX, Android)

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Capto – The latest in Putting Data collection.

Technology and real-time analysis come together in the Capto Putting system to provide information that can improve your golf game. With this putting aid, coaches can extract relevant parameter measurements and make technique suggestions for their golfers. 

The Capto Precision Putting Technology is easily applied on every putt with its easy use and friendly user interface. We believe that knowledge is potential power, and knowledge about your putting stroke really can take any golfer putting to the next level. Capto will give you information that can complement your teaching unlike any other putting analysis system since it can be used in real-time, real contextual environments i.e. the golf course.

Capto has many benefits and offers accurate technology that can be used by any golfer interested in applying physics to take their golfing game to the next level. 

The Capto Putting System captures all parameters of putts and displays them in real-time:

✔︎ Path to Arc
✔︎ Directional and height acceleration
✔︎ Forward press
✔︎ Total swing time
✔︎ Face, shaft & lie angles

Used by World renowned golf teachers across the globe and numerous PGA Tour players.


•Up to 400 frames per second.
•Very Light and easily applied on every putt.
•Easy to use, direct results and immediate feedback.
•All parameters are detected and displayed in real time.
•Compatible with Windows, MacOSX, Android and IOS.
•Capto allows training anywhere, anytime and in any weather.

•Works with a radius of 50 meters with its wireless technology to play freely on the green.
•Designed and developed by precision, this putting analysis system has an ultra compact sensor that transmits accurate putter movement data and a software that calculates the most important mechanical and biomechanical parameters.


Record more then one target each session, add aim face number and LAB page, understand where the player is aiming automatically, live biofeedback sound for good or bad aim, live aim compass. All embedded into the Capto sensor.

Feedback data even when the device isn’t connected to the software. Display will show you 3 parameters FaT, LoD, AoA and the display hood helps visibility. Switch display mode off at any time!

Up to 180 minutes of battery life.

Screw no longer needed for connecting device to the shaft.

New unit uses USB C rather then Mini USB for charging.

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