GravityFit Golf Swing Kit

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Stronger, Longer, Sweeter

This revolutionary exercise tool and training aid will:

– Strengthen your deep muscle system

– Improve your posture

– Promote an athletic set up

– Help teach you how to rotate effectively

– Deliver immediate feedback on quality of movement

Leading to:

– Cleaner contact

– Better directional control

– Increased distance

– More consistency

– Less strain on your back

– Fewer aches, pains and injuries

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  • The Swing Kit contains all you need to build power from within for a longer, sweeter golf shot.
  • It’s a great way to develop better shoulder stability, better spinal stability and train dynamic rotation for golfers at all levels. 
  • This in turn will help with FEEL, power and consistency for a more stable, solid repeatable swing. 
  • It can also improve playing longevity and pain issues associated with rotation sports.

The Swing Kit introduces the TPro – a unique science-based GravityFit tool used to improve spinal Core strength and dynamic rotation. The Swing Kit includes the green (medium resistance) bands and yellow (low resistance) bands and over 15 online golf drills and exercises using the TPro. The TPro and these golf drills and exercises are used by many players and coaches including elite golfers and coaches working with Golf Australia, Golf New Zealand and PGA tour players.

The TPro provides applies axial compression (or weight-bearing load) to the arms which helps to strengthen the wrist, elbow and shoulder while stabilising the scapula. Using the TPro with the golf drills and exercises helps to train and strengthen the Thoracic Core to stabilise and hold your spine in position for better rotation, more power and more consistency.


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