Impact Ball Golf Swing Training Aid

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Ninety percent of golfers handicap 10 and above tend to have one of the following faults in their swing: SCOOPING, TOPPED SHOTS, FAT SHOTS, SLICED SHOTS, FLYING ELBOWS, CHICKEN WING, DISCONNECTED, NO DISTANCE… The constant that good ball strikers have is their position at impact. The club is descending, the handle leads, and their weight is on their left side. The Impact Ball lets you feel like a tour player at impact without needing a lot of instruction. Simply insert it between your forearms and swing.

How It Works

By encouraging you to keep your arms and body working together, the Impact Ball trains your whole game by developing feel with no mechanical thoughts. Practice with the Impact Ball to improve your putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play, and full swing.

Available in 3 Sizes!

Available in large (blue and yellow), medium (green and blue), or small (orange and blue) sizes. The small impact ball is a great size for junior golfers!