Orange Whip Junior – 38″

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LENGTH: 38in.     WEIGHT: 1.3lbs.

Building the fundamentals of the golf swing at an early age will help develop and maintain the proper golf swing movements. The lighter weights, smaller grip, and shorter length of the Orange Whip Junior are ideal for junior golfers in developing their golf swing.

  • Simulates full swing motion for Juniors
  • Suggested age range: 6-12
  • Trains tempo, timing, and balance during the swing
  • Develops golf strength and coordination

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Designed exclusively for juniors, the lighter weight and shorter length of the Orange Whip Junior, allows junior golfers to feel if they are maximizing their swing tempo and balance.

Feedback from the Orange Whip Junior is instant and any wobble in the swing indicates a need to improve tempo and balance. Swinging it, the junior golfer will naturally find the tour like motion needed to be a better golfer


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Dimensions97 × 8 × 8 cm


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