Pocket Bunker Training Aid – Pack of 3

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The Pocket Bunker can be used indoors or out, with the built in rubber golf ball makes it safe for any environment!

Pocket-sized, it is crammed with performance, convenience, durability, value and enjoyment. Playing off a low or high handicap, lose your fear of bunkers, become confident, attack the pin and enjoy the result. Imagine taking the legs out from under the ball.

Performance. Pocket BunkerTM closely resembles a PGA approved golf ball, except that it has legs that act as sand simulators. Pocket BunkerTM played from just about any surface reacts just like a golf ball from sand. Pocket BunkerTM is no gimmick – it lets you know exactly how good you hit it, just as if you are in a bunker. Resistancegenerated between the club and the playing surface provides realistic feel, especially with good shots. Hit it fat and it stays behind. Hit it thin and it flies over. Shank it, and it will go sideways. Hit a good Pocket BunkerTM shot and it reacts like a good bunker shot6. Convenience. Pocket BunkerTM is soft with flexible legs. It can be used at home, at school, in the park, at work, at practice facilities – anywhere. It fits easily in your pocket, making it ideal to carry on you when you want to fit in a quick session. Pocket BunkerTM is perfect to throw into your golf bag. So when you want to have a quick bunker warm-up session before your next round, you can just take out your Pocket BunkerTM and do it right there around the 1st tee. Take it along to your next PGA Professional lesson, and use it to drill in your newly acquired technique.


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Large 7" diameter, Medium 6" diameter, Small 5" diameter


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