Total Golf Trainer 3.0 Kit

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The Kit comes with:

  • TGT V2
  • TGT Hip
  • TGT Arm

This Kit Comes with 3 Versatile Golf Training Devices. The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 is perfect for all golfers from beginner to professional.  The avid golfer looking to improve range time, reinforce lessons or just practice at home. This kit has everything you need to improve your swing and lower your scores. The 3.0 kit is perfect for the beginner golfer to learn basic fundamental on how to move the club correctly, control the wrist and arms and product powerful consistent lower body movement. The Total Golf Trainer products provide real time feedback like having a coach with you all the time. 

Out of stock

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The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 Kit has Everything You Need To Improve Your Swing And Lower Your Scores!! 

Our full line of products combined with team of world class instructors will help you learn the process & own your swing today!!


Total Golf Trainer V2 (TGT v2)

Finally! A golf swing trainer that is custom to your swing.” Learn to Improve Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Bunkers, & Full Swing with settings that provide instant positive feedback when done correct and instant negative feedback when done incorrect. 

  The Most versatile Swing trainer in Golf that can easily replace several training devices already on the market including: The Hanger, Impact Snap, Educator, Chip Stick, TRS, Swinggyde, G Box, many more.

The custom fit and ease of use allows juniors to adults real time instant feedback to accelerate the learning process. 

Reinforce your lessons and practice with a purpose using feedback you can see & feel.


Total Golf Trainer Hip (TGT Hip)

Improve Your Takeaway, posture, hip tilts and Hip Rotation for More Consistent Ball-Striking!

The TGT Hip attaches to your lead or trail hip sliding over skirt, pants or belt making it universal for right & left handed golfers.

The safe flexible training rod provides instant visual & tactile feedback. Learn to sequence the downswing by adjusting difficulty based on your golf swing. 

Learn to keep the club on plane in back swing.

Create proper hip turn in the back-swing!

Maintain posture in the downswing improving hip rotation & club head speed!


Total Golf Trainer Arm (TGT Arm)

The Versatile Wrist, Elbow & Arm Trainer in Golf!

The TGT arm will help improve the biomechanics and movement patterns of your wrists & arms throughout the golf swing. 

The adjustable training rod custom fits based on grip strength and desired wrist/club face position!

The TGT Arm can be used on both lead & trail wrist or arm.

Feel lead wrist Flexion or trail wrist extension.

Learn to create forward shaft lean at impact.

Establish powerful lag in the downswing improving over all ball striking consistency!

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