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The Wellstance has been imagined and created to serve multiple purposes: being able to create a mental image of the body’s movement through the golf swing helping the mind register movements by repeating them on a tool that is perfectly calibrated for the golf swing – a tool made for repetitive practice to be able to create muscle memory in your body but also in your mind.

A good golf swing starts with great fundamentals: Stance, posture, alignment to end then with a solid ball contact.

The Wellstance helps golfers to make sure they respect these key factors and features:

  • Perfects your alignment and ball position
  • Stops your “Slice”
  • Further develops your swing by being perfectly lined up to your target
  • Efficiency in gaining power and precision
  • Rapidly becoming an essential tool for weekly practice sessions
  • Easy to use for golfers of any level

A good golf swing starts with great ball contact.

To achieve this goal, Wellstance shows :

  • Where to place the ball for each club
  • Proper foot placement and positioning for each club
  • Proper shoulder alignment with the mirrored surface, making sure you are always square to your target line
  • How the whole body needs to be placed for proper aim and alignment


WellStance is an innovative and unique training aid for golfers looking to enhance and repeat proper ball position for each club in the bag.

Woods, irons, hybrids, on the Wellstance, all gets memorized durably, whether you be left or right-handed.

This invaluable putting aid permitt to register the mental image of body movements and to reinforces proper stance, alignment, ball position, hand location and head placement.

This will act as your guide while practicing on your own

Simply placed on a practice tee or mat, Wellstance corrects basic errors and will reinforce proper swing mechanics.

A good posture means a good swing !

Product description

Weight : 21 Oz (0.6 Kg)   Length : 2,3 Ft (0.7m)   Width : 1Ft (0.3m)

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