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Introducing the world’s first golf swing training aid that’s designed and built exclusively for taller golfers! The length, weight, grip, and flex are a perfect fit for taller, bigger men!

As a tall golfer, the Lag Shot XL™ will give you all the benefits Lag Shot is famous for, in a swing trainer that is built just for you.


The Lag Shot XL™ 7 iron builds upon the success of our flagship Lag Shot 7 iron, with a few key differences.

The key differences between the Lag Shot XL™ and our standard Lag Shot 7 iron is that the XL version is one inch longer with a slightly larger grip. This makes it ideal for taller, bigger golfers who are used to playing with longer clubs.

With the XL version, we have created a swing trainer to help tall golfers groove a smooth, reliable golf swing that will give you 20+ yards more distance, pinpoint accuracy, and solid contact. 

The best part? The longer version means that you can hit balls with or swing your Lag Shot XL™, and then switch back to your own clubs without issue.

“As a 6′ 3″ golfer I’ve always struggled with my tempo and timing. This really helped me!”

—Ray G., Lag Shot XL™ Customer

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